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Did you know that in just one year there are 365 days and 8,760 hours!? It’s pretty crazy when you think how fast a year can truly go by…just watch a baby grow! You know when you see your friend’s new baby, and then the next time you see them that baby is already sitting up with oodles of chubby arm and leg rolls and even sporting some ever-so-cute pearly white teeth or perhaps just a big slobbery toothless grin!?

Well that’s what I love about that first year of baby’s life, there are SO many changes and it literally happens overnight (ok not overnight but you get the point) it goes by _so fast!_


Here are 5 Things You Can Do To Remember Your Baby’s First Year:


#1 Create a baby time capsule! Each capsule has a customized top cover that includes the date of the event as well as details for when the capsule should be opened

#2 Create a shadowbox! Include a tiny newborn sized diaper, little socks, hospital name band etc. Checkout this awesome DIY here

#3 Have a Memory Bear made out of your favorite baby jammies. You know that adorable outfit you can’t even fathom getting rid of.

#4 Make a  special occasion plate with baby’s handprints! We did this at a local pottery shop in Omaha it was adorable!

#5 The Baby’s 1st Year Portrait Plan with Katina K Photography of course! Portrait sessions of baby at newborn, 6 months, and 1 year! It also includes a 10×20 art collage showcasing your favorite images from each stage/session and even includes a custom birthday set complete with an adorable cake smash for the birthday boy/girl! It doesn’t get any cuter than that!


Baby Plan Graduate | Omaha Baby Photographer

Baby Plan Graduate | Omaha Baby Photographer


For more information on the Baby’s 1st Year Portrait Plan please click here or call the studio 402-590-7300




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