I’m SOOOOOO excited to say that the nursery is FINALLY done! Thanks to my amazing hubby, “Mr. K” for working endless hours on all of my crazy projects. Can I just talk about how much of a genius he is- seriously. Finance guy by day…..Creative ninja woodworker by night. He made my amazing wooden cursive letter piece in literally nano seconds. Ok maybe not that quick but I was definitely impressed.  Anyways, after we put everything together and placed the final touches on the shelves, I stepped back, jumped with joy and did my girly hand clap out of excitement that everything came together just as I had envisioned it…even better than I envisioned. Oh yeah and enjoy the awesome before and after of my golden rocker 🙂 It’s pretty spectacular. Ok, full disclosure: Some of these are iphone photos because I tried to document the whole process from start to finish every day as things happened, don’t judge me.

Now miss Lianna, you can come ANYTIME, your princess room awaits you.

  • Wooden cursive letter piece made by : the hubby
  • Adorable character drawing of our family made by:  friend/client Katrina Lane
  • The little pink and gold letter L made by: my creative cousin Megan
  • Digital artwork on walls made by: me